Comfortable accommodations are available at Corregidor Hotel for those who stay to enjoy the natural offerings of the island. The rooms of the hotel are fully airconditioned, clean, well maintained, and furnished with exquisite furniture made out of rattan, a native material. Guests at the hotel will experience the quiet and serenity of the surroundings. It is one place to stay especially for those who just want to rest, relax, and get away from their busy and hectic lives in the big city. For the more active and adventurous individuals there are different activities that they could also avail of.

The hotel's restaurant has a wide selection of local and foreign dishes that will surely tempt one's palate. Beside the hotel lobby is a bar and lounge where you can meet the other hotel guests or just have a few bottles of San Miguel beer. The hotel also has a gift shop where you can purchase a wide selection of items needed by most guests, aside from souvenirs of one's visit to Corregidor. Nearby is an outdoor pool where you can enjoy swimming after spending a hectic tour around the island under the hot sun. There is a basketball and tennis court for those who enjoy playing this type of sport and within a short walking distance is the North Dock where you can sit and enjoy the early evening or watch some local residents go pole fishing at the wharf. One can also take a stroll along the beach and gather some "bloodstones" to take home as a souvenir.

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There is a Sunrise Tour where you can watch the sun's dramatic ascent above the horizon from a vantage point behind the Pacific War Memorial. To witness the spectacular colors generated by the sun as it starts to set, visitors can join the Sunset Tour at one of the breathtaking view points on top of a hill at the western end of the island facing the South China Sea. The Night Tour and exploration of the hospital laterals inside Malinta Tunnel is another exciting activity that should not be missed. It is in this tour were many visitors experience an eerie feeling when exposed to the total darkness within the innermost laterals of the tunnel ... that is, when the tour guide instructs the tour participants to switch off their flashlights. This tour is far different and a lot more unique than the regular day tour of the main Malinta Tunnel.

For those who would like to circle Corregidor on a sturdy motorized banca, there is an Island Boat Tour. This alluring tour allows you to see the island at a distance from the sea as well as the neighboring isles of La Monja and Caballo, and the nearby shores of Bataan province. It also gives one a chance to experience riding on a banca and going through the choppy waters of the South China Sea at the western side of Corregidor. For the more adventurous, they can hike around the many trails around the island or take a strenuous test of physical endurance by hiking across rugged trails to the top of Malinta Hill. Nearby at the Tail End of the island is the Corregidor Island Resort which was constructed on the side of a hill overlooking a beach and a number of small single room cottages. The main building at the resort has an assembly area well suited for gatherings, seminars, parties and conventions. A vehicle is provided by Corregidor Hotel that departs at regular schedules to allow guests to commute between the hotel and this resort.